Our Service

Pharmahof provides wholesaling and delivery service of medicinal and health-related products to your desired destination. We represent a pharmaceutical one-stop shopping at competitive wholesale price and standardized service.

What we can offer are elaborated as follows:

  • We operate with a well-organized delivery schedule with a guaranteed service level of next business day delivery (T+1) for Bangkok area and T+3 for upcountry area.
  • Pharmahof has more than 40 sales representatives to provide customers with consultation and after-sales services.
  • For heavy patient-supporting equipment, we offer cross-docking delivery, that is, we can deliver the product ordered in our customer's drugstores directly to the end user's address.
  • We offer a complete product assortment suitable for pharmacies. (Please see the product page for more details.)
  • There is also a wide selection of customer loyalty programs that we offer, tailored made to fit the characteristics of each customer group.