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May 18, 2012

Benefits Of Calcium – Does Your Body Have Too Much Calcium Or Too Little?

(May 8, 2011 By HeadHoncho)

I am sure you have all heard the old adage that taking calcium will help give you strong fingernails. And I am not here to dispute that, although I will add that taking a calcium supplement on its own will not necessarily give you the longer, stronger fingernails you are after.

You can either be deficient in calcium or your body may have too much calcium, and either way your nails will be affected. The most probable outcome will be brittle fingernails.

The benefits of calcium are many, a proper intake of this important mineral can help you maintain a good weight, can help ease premenstrual symptoms, good for helping strengthen bones and teeth, great for helping treat high blood pressure, help ease cramps in legs and help guard against osteoporosis. Every cell and organ in your body needs calcium for proper functioning.

On the flip side, if your body has too much calcium you can suffer from calcium deposits, which in turn will affect your nails and can cause them to tear instead of break and you will suffer from very soft fingernails.

And the worst part about you body storing too much calcium is this can result in WRINKLES. Dare I say it, the dreaded word….

Low calcium levels will produce muscle cramping, eye twitching and of course brittle toenails and brittle fingernails.

Many people are often advised to take a calcium supplement to help with weak fingernails, yet this advice is very misleading. For you body to pick up the calcium you need to take it with vitamin D. This is especially important if you are not consuming enough foods with calcium.

By taking a supplement on its own, you may notice there is not much change to your fingernails health.

If you have discovered that you may be deficient in calcium, there are some dos and don'ts concerning taking a supplement. Don't take an iron supplement with you calcium; this will only inhibit your body being able to absorb the calcium.

Do take calcium with vitamin D, even better buy the calcium supplements which have vitamin D included, vitamin D helps the body absorb calcium. Vitamin C and Silica also help the body absorb calcium, and if you take all four supplements together you will not only have beautiful healthy fingernails, you will have strong healthy hair and look half you age.

When you are out shopping for your supplement, make sure you buy one which has the elemental calcium content of the tablet.

So, before you rush out and buy yourself calcium supplements, determine first if your body is suffering from too little or too much calcium.